What are the characteristics and types of Fangtai range hood

Many homes are now open kitchens, so a high-quality range hood is indispensable. Fangtai cooker hood has always occupied a relatively large proportion in kitchen appliances, so how about Fangtai cooker hood? How much does it cost?

Fangtai cooker hood is currently a well-known domestic high-end kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturer. It has been focusing on manufacturing high-end kitchen and bathroom appliances. The products involved include range hoods, gas stoves, and disinfection cabinets. In order to make the best kitchen and bathroom appliances brand, strictly control the products, and only manufacture the best kitchen and bathroom appliances for users, so it is currently one of the leading kitchen appliance brands in China.

Fangtai range hood types

At present, Fangtai range hoods mainly include side suction range hoods, European-style range hoods, and Chinese range hoods. Among them, Fangtai focuses on the currently more mainstream side suction range hoods, so Fangtai side suction The range hood can be said to be the best side suction hood currently made, Fangtai's European style is next, and only one of the Chinese styles is still on sale, so if you want to buy a side suction hood, there must be more Refer to the lower side suction range hood below.

Fangtai hood features

1. Fangtai is the first manufacturer in China to establish a professional range hood production line, so it has a lot of experience in the manufacture of range hoods, so the quality of Fangtai range hoods is also second to none in China.

2. Fangtai has a professional hood design team, and has the world's largest and most advanced 6000 square meter kitchen electrical laboratory to design and manufacture the hood, and won the honor of 96 global unique A series deep hood Launched in 2001, China's first "European appearance, Chinese core" tower hood, 2001 Fangtai D5BH came out in 2011, was the classic appearance of the international popular range hood at that time, Fangtai range hood appearance has also become the object of imitation by other brands.

3. Fang Tai's original "static suction" range hood. In order to improve the suction power of the range hood, the power increase method is generally used, so the noise of the range hood is relatively large, but the Fang Tai range hood pioneered the "static suction" type. The range hood, while improving the suction power, solves the problem of the large noise of the range hood for many years, ensuring the health of people.

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