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In recent years, there have been many ceramic tile brands in the building materials market. Summit tiles are only an inconspicuous one among many material brands. Many consumers have set their sights on the famous ceramic tile brands such as Dongpeng tiles and Marco Polo tiles. However, it ignores many high-quality tile products like Summit tiles, and then introduces Summit tiles and the price of Summit tiles.

Summit ceramic tiles adopt modern top ceramic technology, and organically graft the essence of French Louvre aesthetics into the design and production of ceramic products, from the beauty of quality, the beauty of products, the beauty of design, the beauty of environmental protection, the beauty of people, the beauty of art, etc. The six major aspects continue to extend the concept of "fashion and beautiful residence" to create the ultimate Summit tiles.

This high-quality Samite tile has a matt texture, delicate and shiny tile patterns, and various fruit patterns on the tile. Its manufacturing process is also a glazed tile process, which has good performance and size. It is 300mm * 600mm, which is very suitable for indoor wall decoration. Its price on the market is 55 yuan / piece.

The model of this Summit tile is 62419Z_ZFH2. The tile has a three-dimensional relief pattern made by hand. The shape is stylish and beautiful. The glazed tile manufacturing process makes the tile look smooth and delicate. Its size is 300mm * 600mm, suitable for indoor floor and kitchen use, its market reference price is 65 yuan / square meter.

In the picture, the floor is the Samiite premium ceramic tile, the model is SW888008. It uses vitrified brick as the main material of the ceramic tile. It is an all-ceramic tile. The tile has a deep connotation and an extraordinary appearance. The homeowner's individuality and tasteful fashion, the ceramic tile is made by waterfall-type blanking, and the lines are complex and varied, making the surface of the tile look three-dimensional and transparent, the texture is natural and rich, and then from the color, The color of the brick surface is changed from light to dark, and the depth is interlaced. The light color is comfortable and smooth, which makes the whole room style clear. The reference price on the market is 59 yuan / piece.

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