The difference between the overall wardrobe and the finished wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The overall wardrobe and finished wardrobe are the main force in the current market, so what is the difference between them?

Different materials

Homemade wardrobes often use ordinary laminates and hardware accessories. It is certainly possible to make ordinary furniture in this way, but it is difficult to resist the erosion of moisture, high temperature and corrosive items in the kitchen when used in making wardrobes.

Therefore, the cabinet of the self-made wardrobe is easily deformed, and the table and the door panel are also susceptible to moisture and damage, and the panel is easy to fall off. At the same time, the connection between the panels is mostly fixed by screws, and all the screws must be removed when moving or partially replacing.

The professional wardrobe is made of high-grade fireproof board with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. It is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and it is easy to clean. The connection also uses detachable connecting parts, which makes the wardrobe cabinet and the cabinet door perfectly combined. Easy to open, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation damage.

Therefore, the wardrobes produced by professional manufacturers have a long life. After a few years, changing the door panel of another style is equivalent to changing a new wardrobe. When moving, they can all be removed and taken away.

Process difference

The self-made wardrobes are generally carried out on site during the decoration of the house. The construction personnel generally do not know the various requirements for the production of the wardrobe, the production process is rough, the error is large, and the ergonomic principles and engineering materials involved in the whole kitchen are well known. less.

It is often the case that there is no reserve at the bottom of the console to accommodate enough space. The height of the console is not adjusted according to the height of the operator, and the wind, water, fire, electricity and other pipeline arrangements are “fighting”.

The professional manufacturers produce all kinds of wardrobes, all of which are industrialized. From the cutting, polishing to installation, there are strict specifications. The high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing is adopted. After the sealing, the appearance is neat and firm, and the product process is of course far superior to the self-made products.

Use of different services

Careful and comprehensive service is also an important condition for a good wardrobe. Since the on-site construction personnel did not have professional training, they did not know much about the production process and materials used. The wardrobe had no quality guarantee, and it was difficult to repair the problem once it appeared.

The professional wardrobe service includes not only the pre-sale door-to-door measurement design, on-site installation, but also after-sales service, such as establishing user files, timely return visits, and timely maintenance of problems.

Functional design difference

In general, the best way to reflect the technical content of the wardrobe is the rationality of its functional design.

Designers of professional wardrobe manufacturers are not only considering the activity route of the operators in the kitchen, but also implementing the entire operation process in the shortest distance, and also fully communicating with consumers, not only in terms of color and material. In the case of existing home appliances, the sink, stove, range hood, etc. are all designed into the closet, so that the space of the whole kitchen can be effectively utilized and visually more harmonious.

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