The main causes and countermeasures of blockage and damage of ink jet printer nozzle

Inkjet printer nozzles are highly precise and at the same time very expensive components, and nozzle nozzle plugging and damage are also common failures. Therefore, we should understand the causes of nozzle blockage and damage, so that we can scientifically and reasonably make appropriate treatment to ensure the safety of the printer. Reliable work.

Scientific analysis shows that there are three main reasons for nozzle nozzle clogging damage:

1. When the printer is not used for a long time, the moisture in the ink in the nozzle evaporates and becomes a dry solid, which is blocked in the nozzle;

2. Chemical reactions occur after the mixing of different manufacturers and different brands of ink. Neutralization occurs due to different electrification of colloids, which results in the formation of plugging and clogging.

3, due to the use of the environment and other factors, the ink contains or use mixed with impurities, dust, etc., can also cause nozzle clogging damage;

4. The ink-absorbing pad device is a fragile accessory. When a long time is used or a large amount of printing is used, the use of a poor quality alternative ink (including ethanol) will cause the aging of the pump attachment and reduce the airtightness of the pump attachment, thereby causing pumping. The ink pump has reduced ink pumping performance. The most typical symptom is "string ink" and disconnection.

As we all know, the nozzle diameter of the printer nozzle is micron, even if the inlet hole is 0.1 mm, the dust that can enter the cartridge ink through the air hole will be dozens or even hundreds of times more than the nozzle. Over time, it is very likely that it will be clogged and damaged. Nozzle nozzle.


In the first case, the instructions for use of the printer usually have instructions for use (normal cleaning, strong cleaning, etc.). When the printer is not used for a long period of time, the printer must be turned on frequently and perform appropriate printing operations to prevent the ink in the nozzle from drying out.

In the second and third cases, the optional ink supply system uses special ink cartridges, pipelines, ink bags, etc. The oil ink used therein is independently developed and produced with high-quality ink, and the high-precision professional filter technology ensures high ink purity. No damage to the print head nozzle due to ink quality and dust. Therefore, no chemical reaction will occur, blocking the nozzle;

In the fourth case, it is necessary to replace the ink-absorbing pad independently developed and produced by the random-printing continuous ink supply system, which is resistant to corrosion and airtightness, and completely solves the problem of insufficient ink-drawing.

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