The detection of mahogany furniture is no longer "opening the belly" standard implementation in November


Later, the purchase of mahogany furniture is more evidence-based. The "Redwood Commercial Name" and "Redwood Product Grade" standards drafted by the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association Redwood Professional Committee will be officially implemented on November 1 this year. Insiders analyzed that after the implementation of the two standards, it is expected to circumvent the chaotic status of the market's mahogany products and protect the legitimate rights and interests of producers and consumers.

Furniture inspection in the future

No longer "opening the belly"

In the future, furniture will not be destroyed after it is sent for inspection. A few days ago, the reporter learned that the National Standard for Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture (Revised) has been drafted. According to the new standard, the furniture in the future can be placed in the environmental climate chamber for hazardous substances detection, and the furniture will not be damaged after the inspection. The standard stipulates that the furniture can be inspected at a constant temperature and humidity of 23 ° C and a humidity of 45%. Once the new national standard is issued, sofas, mattresses, etc. can also be non-destructively tested according to this method.

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