10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Relatively effective as opacity, long-lasting moisturizing is a greater appeal for autumn liquid foundation. This is the absolute guarantee that the makeup will be flawless during the dry season. Beauty Xiaobian recommends 10 moisturizing foundations for you. Come and see if you can choose one that suits you.

Leaves skin hydrated & full

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Chanel / CHANEL youth radiance powder cream SPF15PA++

1, CHANEL youth radiance moisturizing powder cream SPF15PA++

Formulated with exclusive vitality: The creamy cream has an unparalleled light texture, combined with the clearing of the powder and the moisturizing of the lotion, which is composed of 1/4 of water, giving the skin an indescribable hydration and refreshing feeling.

Brings a radiant glow to the skin

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Lancome miracle 臻白恒采底底液

2, LANCOME miracle 臻 white constant liquid foundation

The original optical technology and whitening system hides the pores and allows light to pass through the inner and outer layers. It can be mixed with moisturizing lotion and applied to make the skin look crystal clear and radiant.

Moisturizing three-dimensional, firming and plastic

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

ESPRIQUE Moisturizing Foundation

3, ESPRIQUE skin moisturizing liquid foundation SPF20/PA++

Contains moisturizing ingredients sodium hyaluronate and soluble collagen to leave skin hydrated and smooth after makeup. The unique three-dimensional small powder creates a three-dimensional effect with shadows, making the contours of the face clear and natural.

Botanical ingredients enhance skin's smoothness

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Estee Lauder Water Condensate Foundation

4, ESTEELAUDER water curd lotion liquid foundation SPF15/PA++

It is rich in wheat germ oil, jojoba seed oil and other powerful moisturizing ingredients to promote skin metabolism while highly effective anti-oxidation, strengthen the skin's moisturizing function, and create a "water silk"-like moisturizing nude makeup.

Mineral water creates a clear color

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Dior gel clear skin and bright moisturizing liquid foundation

5, Dior gelatin skin clear and moisturizing liquid foundation SPF10

Formula contains more than 1/3 of mineral water to help the skin. Rich in vitamin C, red pomegranate and high-content amino acid sericin ingredients to adjust the moisture content of the skin, while creating a clear and beautiful color of the beautiful skin.

Moisturizing foundation with anti-aging effect

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Clinique / CLINIQUE new vitality liquid foundation SPF15/PA++

6, CLINIQUE Clinique vitality liquid foundation SPF15/PA++

Contains a photonic white bottle of essence to moisturize the formula, so that the makeup naturally fits, and instantly fades the fine lines. Continuous use can reduce fine lines, effectively prevent signs of aging , and make the foundation more youthful.

Rose essence for long-lasting moisture

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

Urara soft rose liquid foundation

7, urara soft rose through liquid foundation SPF20/PA+++

Full of soft and smooth muscle complex, soft rose essence water, ruddy rhyme regulating powder and vitamin C derivatives. The touch is moist and light, leaving the makeup moist and smooth for a long time.

Fantasy light creates a translucent skin

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

L'Oreal Paris L'OREAL

8, L'OREALPARIS Paris L'Oreal Acrylic Foundation

“Liquid Light Sensing” technology injects unique “light-sensitive particles” into the liquid foundation and contains 40% active mineral water to make the light reflect better and give the skin a translucent light. >>> 5 moisturizing coups against dry autumn days

Create a delicate and natural light foundation

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

BURBERRY Bright Foundation

9, BURBERRY bright foundation milk

A gentle lotion creates a delicate, translucent skin. Vitamin E resists skin aging; silicon effectively achieves optimal light reflection; moisturizing formula creates a fine skin texture, with moisturizing cream, the effect is more natural and even.

Slow release moisturizing, refreshing matt

10 autumn moisturizing foundations recommend moisturizing concealer

REVLON non-marking silk soft fog magic powder foundation

10, REVLON non-marking silk soft fog magic powder foundation cream

The new “timerelease” slow release technology delivers a long-lasting, light and hydrated skin with a matte finish. Enriched with silk and botanical extracts to soothe the skin, moisturize and calm, leaving skin feeling long-lasting and unburdened.

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